Winchester Mystery House Fan Art Contest 2022 
This is a portrait of Sarah Winchester, who's known for her house called the Winchester Mystery House. I wanted to draw a portrait of her since I visited the house for the first time in 2022. I was thinking of enclosing her in this circular design since it was based on one of the window designs on the room she was trapped in during an earthquake and overall I found her story inspiring. With that inspiration from the story and my artistic vision I became one of the 13 winners for this fan art contest!
Illustration exploration
Sweet Sun (left) The Islands (right) These two art pieces represents my Filipino American Heritage and as well represent some of the cultural textiles and patterns . These two pieces are also included in the API Exhibit at the Sun Gallery at Hayward, California  
Breathe is my first AR piece where the viewer can interact with my piece by scanning the QR code and they can put it into any space they choose to and listen to the sound or actually use this as a breathing technique for anxiety. This was feature in the Hayward Art Council's Members Gallery in the Hayward public library and then was given an encore exhibit in the Hayward Area Historical Society 
Longing (left) Is an illustration piece that was heavily inspired by the song Royal Blue by Henry Mancini. Whiskey Lullaby (right) is inspired by a song Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley.
Fallen is a illustration piece that was heavily inspired by a song called Take Me Back to Eden by Sleep Token
Dream without Fear and Love without Limits is an illustration art piece inspired by the quote, which is the title of this piece. I decided to draw a skull, roses and heart to represent most of what the illustration entails. 
This piece is actually both a new and old piece since the lady was done way back in 2021. A follower on my art page actually wanted me to redesign it where she had a captain on her side. I went with a narrative where they are both heartbroken because they miss each other a lot. This also touches in one particular situation where I really miss someone a lot, but at the sometime, there is just so much heartache and more going on.
This piece is a study on a Starbucks in San Francisco. I wanted to challenge myself on making environments since I'm not strong in backgrounds.
This piece was a study on photoshop effects and I decided to make two variations using photoshop affects on a rose drawing.
This piece is based off the sticker design that I created!
This pieces are based off designs for the anime series demon slayer.
This was a study based off of Andrew Loomis figure drawing book
This piece is based off of a song called Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita sung by Roselle Nava, which is based off a heartache song. I decided to type out the English and Tagalog version for this piece. I even decided to go for black and white with this piece and on color as well since I wanted to explore the possibilities.
California State University AACE Banner Illustration Design  
These web banner designs were done by me since I drew these through illustrator. This was actually my very first project that I worked on with AACE at California State University East Bay.

Other works

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