Hi there my name is Kyla Claudine Ramos and I'm currently a senior at CSUEB majoring in BFA: Graphic Design! Five fun facts about me is that I love to work out, being in the great outdoors, Marvel, animals, and I'm into foodie stuff! I'm Filipina-American and I was born in the Bay Area on February 1998 and ever since then I knew and my family knew that I had an eye for the arts especially how much of a visual learner I am from the biggest to the smallest details in many ways and forms.
What I do
What I do is that I do graphic design and illustration both in digital and traditional form! While my interest for traditional art has been present from childhood, I started out as a traditional artist in middle school creating sketches of anime, pop culture references to even hands-on pieces. As time advance, especially with the advancements of technology, I played around with digital programs to create digital sketches and works, which peaked my interest on the field of graphic design since it focuses both visual and technical aspects in art forms. It didn't simply stop there since down the line I even became more experimental with many different art mediums such as photography and photo editing. Even though I have gained so much valuable skills in my education career such as learning how to use Adobe programs to even sculpting, I'm still growing as an artist to this day since we never stop growing or learning on what we are passionate about or in life in general.
Feel Free to reach out if you have any questions about me, my work or anything at all art wise! I'm always happy to help.create or give my input on what you have envision. I look forward to work with you on future projects!
-Kyla Claudine Ramos
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